Grade-level Science foR English Learners

Life Science

Life Science for English Learners. Ecosystems, genetics, human anatomy, and more. Our resources are thoughtfully curated to make life science accessible and enjoyable for learners of all levels.

Physical Science

Physical Science for English Learners. Matter, energy, chemical reactions, and more. Accessibility for abstract concepts for all learners, regardless of English language proficiency.

Earth science

Earth Science for English Learners. Geology, weather patterns, and climate change. We bring Earth science to life, making it accessible, engaging, and captivating for all students.


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Welcome to Lit Science! I’m Jessica

I’m here to support passionate middle-school science teachers like you in making science education inclusive and accessible for English learners and students reading below grade level.

As a former New York City public school teacher, I understand the challenges you face in ensuring all students have access to grade-level science content. I’m here to alleviate the burden and help you avoid burnout.

With Lit Science, you no longer have to spend endless hours creating resources. We provide you with ready-to-use materials, taking the guesswork out of making science accessible.

Join our community of secondary science teachers who are dedicated to accessible science for English learners and developing readers.

Together, let’s create an inclusive and enriching science education experience while protecting your work-life balance.

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