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Life Science

Prepare to embark on an exciting journey where students will delve into captivating topics such as ecosystems, genetics, human anatomy, and more. Our resources are thoughtfully curated to make life science accessible and enjoyable for learners of all levels.

Physical Science

An exhilarating adventure awaits, where students will dive deep into captivating subjects like energy, forces, and matter. Our carefully crafted resources breathe life into the world of physical science, ensuring accessibility and enjoyment for learners of every level.

Earth science

Our carefully curated resources invite learners of all levels to embark on an adventure of discovery. Dive into fascinating topics such as geology, weather patterns, and climate change. We bring Earth science to life, making it accessible, engaging, and captivating. 


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Welcome to Lit Science! I’m Jessica

I created Lit Science to support middle school science teachers in teaching grade-level, NGSS & state-standards aligned science to students learning English and developing readers and writers.

Lit Science curriculum is scaffolded & differentiated for English Language Learners and students reading and writing below grade level.

Welcome to all my secondary science teachers who are passionate about making science instruction accessible to all students but don’t have endless amounts of time to create the resources needed to do so.

Lit Science takes the guesswork out of accessible science for English Learners and developing readers. Lit Science saves you time and allows you to focus your energy on teaching rather than creating curricula from scratch. 

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