Teaching Science to English Learners

Hey there, amazing educator! Your unwavering passion for science and dedication to shaping young minds make you remarkable in the classroom.

But let’s face it, we all encounter unique challenges along the way. If you find it tricky to teach grade-level science to your English Language Learners, I’m here to help.

My passion is supporting and empowering secondary science teachers to effortlessly deliver rigorous science content while meeting the diverse needs of your English learners.

Science for English Learners isn’t just a phrase—it’s a powerful approach that bridges the gap between language and scientific exploration. Through tailored strategies and expert guidance, I will equip you with the tools and techniques needed to engage, inspire, and elevate your ELL students’ understanding of science.

Because I taught in heterogenous, Title I schools, I create differentiated resources for English Learners and native English speakers who need additional support to access grade-level content.

Every student deserves an equal chance at success, regardless of their background. YOU deserve to do what you love without burning out.

Let’s collaborate and make science exciting and accessible for all your incredible students!

English Language Learner Middle School Science



Engage your English Learners From Day 1

Classroom Icebreaker Science Game

This FREE science game serves as a great back to school, getting-to-know-you, classroom icebreaker game. It is differentiated and scaffolded for students learning English.

Classroom icebreaker differentiated and scaffolded for English Learners.


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